Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everyday Matters #5 et al

Well, here's EDM #5, "Draw Your Bed". Still trying to get the hang of color. I hope that if I keep at it I'll improve. Seems though that I forgot a very important part of this sketch. The cat sleeping on the bed. She "mornings" here and in a chair in the afternoon.

These next two sketches were done yesterday also. I was asked to do a blacksmithing demonstration on the lawn of the Howell Michigan library for Howell History Days. After I had set up my shop I still had an hour or so before time to start and I was wishing I had brought a sketchbook. Then I realized I HAD a sketchbook with me. I usually carry a 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 Moleskine gridded notebook so I took it out and sketched what I saw from my set up. The closest building in the first sketch is the Howell Opera House. It is now owned by the Livingston County Art League and is used as a gallery for the group and for special events. I grew up in the Howell area in the 50s and early 60's and had no idea that this was an "opera house". I had only known it as "Suttons Hardware". And it was a hardware store until maybe ten years ago. The second sketch, the old Howell fire truck, was also on the lawn not too far from me. Someone pointed out that maybe it was there for a reason other than display since I was using a coal forge in my demo. There's always a comedian in every group. Both of these sketches were done with a blue ink ball point pen. I'm really getting to like using a smaller sketchbook. Seems like I can fill a page easier and with a little better detail. We'll see as time goes along.

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