Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just catching up a bit

Been really busy the last few days. I'm working on a commission peice that is within about eight hours of completion. But I'm going to post a few sketches at once here. The first one will be EDM challenge # 2. a desk lamp. This isn't my lamp or office. It's just what I pictured it to be.

The next sketch is of the top of our entertainment center. I added a little watercolor to it but I need a lot of work on the "color" part.

The last sketch is EDM # 4, darw your cup or mug. Not my best effort but at least I put ink on paper. The cup is from a swing dance convention that my wife Patty and I attend in March. We've done this event for ten years now. The event is put on by the "Steel City Boogie Club" and is at a hotel near the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania airport. Hence the name, "Boogie in the Burgh". More later. Want to try to getb thru another sketch or two this evening.


E-J said...

I'm not sure your watercolour needs more work. And by the way, your profile comment that "I own a lot of sketchbooks and some of them even have sketches in them" made me snort wine out of my nose.

Ann said...

Wonderful sketches! Keep 'em coming. I have a lot of sketchbooks too, yet I never filled one completely. I had a chuckle from your profile comment about sketchbooks too :)

Lynn said...

Welcome to the EDM group, Douglas. Your sketches are wonderful (both with and without color). I, too, laughed at your comment about the sketchbooks.

Douglas Thayer said...

Thanks for the comments. e-j, sorry about the nose thing. I hate when that happens.