Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lazy sort of day

Had to deliver some finished work this morning. Then that was the extent of my "work" day. Spent some time on the campus of MSU at the gardens. At the area I was in there are two main line railroad tracks. CSX and Canadian National. CN's double tracks run thru the gardens. They are moving the tracks of both railroads to build bridges to take Farm Lane under the trains. Quite an operation. Thought maybe I might see a train or two coming thru the construction but never did. While I waited I sketched this gazebo. It is in bad shape and I didn't add the yellow caution tape that it was wrapped in. This will be a great place to watch trains and to sketch. There are a lot of structures in this garden. So all in all it was a somewhat lazy day. Looking forward to more just like it.

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