Saturday, June 21, 2008

International Sketch Crawl

My first Sketch Crawl and not a bad day. Was out most of the day and managed five sketches. Didn't see anyone else participating though. Would of been fun to do with a few friends. Anyway, here they are.

This first one is of the unloading chute on the old Lansing Ice & Fuel coal silos just south of Old Town in Lansing. My attempt at color may be a bit lame but I think it helps.

This next one is also of the old coal silos. There are two sets of four silos each here. The track for loading the silos from rail cars is still on top of these silos. There is a lot of brush grown up around them. They probably haven't been used for thirty years or more.

In the same area as the silos is the Brenke fish ladder. This building sits on top of it and probably has control valves in it.

This building is located on North Capitol Avenue in Lansing and is on the campus of Lansing Community College. There are two of the grand old houses and they are used as office space for the college. This sketch doesn't do this house justice. I will be going back again to do another view and try to get a better sketch. All I need is practice.

This last sketch is in downtown Lansing. It is looking southwest at the backs of the buildings in the 100 block of South Washington Avenue and the 100 block of East Allegan Street. Also added the buildings in the distance that were visible to make a cityscape. Did this in a parking lot and wasn't comfortable standing outside so I sat in the van and drew. Good thing it was Saturday. During the week this lot would have been full and I couldn't of parked there.

So that's it for my first Sketch Crawl. Looking forward to the next one.


Kathleen said...

Douglas, I enjoyed the day sketching knowing there were others, like you, doing the same --I really like the cityscape -

Quilt Knit said...

I was SCrawling all alone. Enjoyed it greatly. Did not finish my journey. So, will finish those two places tomorrow. Great sketches.

Sherrie Roberts

freebird said...

I really liked your house sketch. I felt the oldness and the Victorianism of it in your drawing.

Rock Kyndl said...

These sketches really give a sense of your sketchcrawl journey. I kinda feel like I've now been to Lansing.

Ann said...

Great sketches!

kazumiwannabe said...

I like the contrast between the old, almost medieval look of the third and fourth drawings and the more modern buildings in the last one (I was thinking you were maybe living in England until I saw the last one!)Really love this last one, too!

Sue said...

Really enjoyed your sketches. I grew up in Howell and went to MSU and lived a while in Lansing then Holt (then back to Howell, etc. etc.) I worked at an oil company for a while that bought fuel from Lansing Ice and Fuel but I never went to their facility. After seeing your sketches I wish I had. Old buildings are so cool!

Great job on the sketches - especially the cityscape. That's a lot of pieces to draw!

-Sue (now in Maine)