Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tipton, Indiana

We were on a short trip this past weekend to Tipton Indiana. The Indiana Blacksmithing Association puts on an annual confrence every year at the 4H fair grounds. The first sketch is of a stone building that is in a park close to the fair grounds. I was able to pull up my folding chair and sit in the shade of a massive oak tree and sketch.
The next drawing is of one of the 4H livestock buildings on the fair grounds. This building had a couple of the confrence attendees camping in the stalls. They were dry when it rained. Seems like I need to work on contrast in my sketches. The dark shading doesn't really indicate a dark area in the building.
The next sketches are of some of the equipment that the demonstrators were using. An old post vice, an older anvil and probably an even older 25 pound Little Giant power hammer. If you look closely at the power hammer you'll notice that things don't line up well. The horizontal shaft and the vertical hammer over the anvil section is off a bit but you get the idea.

The last sketch is of a gate and gateway that I have built for a client. These folks will have four of my gates in their yard. At this writing this unit is still in my shop, just painted and will go to the client in a few days.

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