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Old signage

I was looking in an old sketchbook for blank pages to do a sketch for a commission peice and I came across this old sketch. Not sure how old it is but thought I'd post it anyway. This was in downtown Lansing Michigan. The store has been closed for a year or more now and the sign is long gone. The old cityscapes are rapidly disapearing.

EDM #105

EDM challenge #105, draw sissors. This is my work shears. They cut everything from paper to picture hanging wire. Cutting edge, don't you think? Pitt pens in hand book journal.

EDM #189

EDM challenge #189, draw a razor. Hope this will "sharpen" my skills.

Another cityscape

This is a sketch of my mind. Or at least what is in my mind? OK, this is a cityscape that I just drew. Have no idea if it is real or not but I just sat down with the sketchbook and started. Hand Book Journal, Pitt pen and Tombow gray scale brush pens.

EDM # 37 and more

EDM #37 Draw some keys. What else could I say except that realism was key to this drawing.
EDM # 152, Draw a nut. This next sketch is just something I dreamed up. I was just drawing and this is what turned up on my paper. When I finished this I didn't like it so never bothered to scan it. But now, amost two months later it looks a lot better to me.

And this is the locomotive that pulls the dinner train in Charlotte Michigan. It was tied up on a siding plugged in and hooked to five or six dining cars. I'm told that this is an old GE switcher locomotive but don't know that for sure.