Monday, December 22, 2008


Entry number two for the Wet Canvas "duo" challenge. The turtle looking object is a clay flute that I purchased from artist friend Mary Metler. Still learning to play it.
Pitt pens, Tombow brush pens, watercolor in a Hand book journal


Cecelia said...

Very interesting. When I was teaching art in public schools, and had a kiln,etc., I always wanted to make a clay flute.
When researching them, I was also intrigued by the glass flutes I found.
I played a beatiful wood flute from Germany when I was in our high school band. Looked similar to the clarinet or oboe. Had a magnificent tone.
I was curious about the tone of the clay flute.

Douglas said...

Cecelia, this clay flute seems to have a good tone to it. But my not being a musician my opinion may not be the best measure of quality. The only time I play it or the harmonica is when there is no one around but the cat. She don't seem to mind.