Monday, January 19, 2009

East Michigan Avenue

On Sunday we went to the Green Door Blues Bar in the 2000 block of East Michigan Avenue in Lansing. We were a bit early so I sketched the view from the alley by the parking lot. The upper floor of this two story building appears to be living quarters, possibly rentals. The rope and pulley may be to hoist groceries up to the apartment.
"Monitors" - At the Green Door was a funds raiser of sorts to help send a band to a competition in Memphis, TN. The band being sent, and by the way they won the local competition last summer, is "Six Hands Down". I've gotta tell you, they are HOT. But there were five other bands that played through the afternoon and evening before Six Hands Down took the stage. They were all good good bands. Everyone had a great time and the food was good.

This drum kit was set up for the entire day and each band's drummer just brought his sticks. Behind the stage is a big window and on a nice day it is so bright that you can't see the musucians faces. I left the window out intentionally.

This is what I could see from my seat in the Green Door thru the window behind the stage. Emils Itallian Restaurant. Guess I'll have to go to Emils now for dinner so I can draw the front of the Green Door Blues Bar.

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