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Sketchcrawl #22

International Sketchcrawl #22. Old Town Lansing, Michigan, April 11, 2009. It was a great day, sunny but not warm. But there was no lack of subject matter and the folks at the Portable Feast restaurant were very friendly and had lots of good coffee.
1221 Turner Street. The door on the right was very interesting. I didn't quite get it right though. It is actually narrower that I have it shown. And the window above it on the second floor is also narrow and all the rest are wider.
This building is on the north side of Grand River Avenue in the 200 block east. There are old rail road tracks next to it and I suspect that it was, at one time, a passenger terminal. I had never noticed there is what appears to be a platform along the east side, by the tracks. This sketch didn't do justice to this building and one day I will re sketch it and add color and hopefully learn more of it's history.

And this is MA (Michigan Avenue) tower now in North Lansing just south of Grand River Aven…

Beaver Pennsylvania

This is a sketch of the old Railway Express building at Beaver Pennsylvania. Very well maintained. This is on a CSXT main line. Just to the north is the old railroad depot. It is used as a 911 call center.
It was a beautiful sunny warm day, April 2nd and we had coffee at a small shop in downtown Beaver. This was what was across the street. My vertical lines went askew a bit but you get the idea. There is enough scenes in this little town to fill several sketchbooks. Pitt pen, watercolor in a hand*book journal.

Boogie in the Burgh 2009

We just returned from our annual Pittsburgh dance trip. Every year the Steel City Boogie Club puts on this dance. About 500 people and a very good time is had by all. This year was their eleventh year. We have been there for all eleven. This is the canopy over the front door from the porch of the Embassy Suites hotel near the Pittsburgh airport where the dance is held. This day it was in the 60s and no coat was needed. Sadly, two days later the flag in this sketch would be lowered to half mast in honor of three police officers killed April 4th.

The two sketches above are of people in the ballroom either in the workshops or just observing as I was. The bottom sketch is of two of the many couples trying to learn some new dance moves. Pitt pen, watercolor in Hand*book Journal