Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This past Saturday the 13th I went north to Baldwin Michigan to deliver some work to the Pamela Tripp Gallery. What a day it was. Sunny, warm. On the return trip I stopped in the town of White Cloud and took time to sketch this old grain elevator, Some of the reds are a little too much as a lot of the steel siding and roofing was rusty. The roof though, on the main part of the building was fairly new and was as white as snow.

Pitt pen, watercolor in a Hand*book journal

Tuesday June 16 I had some time before a dentist appointment so I parked in the shade in Raynor Park in Mason, Michigan. This fellow was mowing lawn and made enough passes that I was able to get a quick sketch of the mower and him.
Precise rolling ball pen in a Hand*book journal.

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