Saturday, December 4, 2010

4240 Beck Road - Plan view

My neice Cathy has asked me to do a sketch of her grandparents, my parents, farmhouse. So, to start this project I sketched this plan view of the farmstead as I remember it. Seems like I have remembered it fairly well. On the north side of Beck Road was part of the Henry Itsel farm. I can remember their cows laying in the shade of the huge trees that grew in the fence row. Now, I-96 expressway runs along side Beck Road. I grew up here. We moved to this farm when I was two and I lived there until I left home at age 18. My parents sold the farm in 1973 or somewhere around that time and built a new house about 15 miles west of here.

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Jill Meekins said...

Hi Uncle Doug, Cathy forwarded your drawings to me. I am very glad to take this trip down memory lane (even though I was too young to remember it). I have thought of you and Aunt Patti (sp?) often, as you were always so much fun to be around and I have many wonderful memories of you. Thanks for doing this, it is great.
Talk to you soon,
Tons of Love
Jill (