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Match box

This match box or match dispenser hung on the wall of the "back room" in the house where I grew up. This room had in it a freezer, the washing machine was there too I think. But the most prominent item in the room was an old wood/coal cook stove. There was a and table and chairs in the room too. Mom always had a brightly colored oil cloth on the table. In the winter my folks kept that wood stove going all the time and we spent a lot of time in that room. Reading, playing cards some. It was very warm and I get a warm feeling thinking of it.

In my teen years, high school years, and while my dad was still working he kept his cigarettes on top of this match dispenser. And, on my way out in the morning I would take a cigarette or two. Dad always knew and it was in my twenty's or thirty's that I found out how. I asked him one day how many cigarettes a day he smoked and he said a pack would last four or five days, if I didn't take any. He was smiling when he said it.